9.30am – 11pm
Monday – Friday
Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast 9.30am-4pm daily.

Gluten Free, local and organic as possible.

Set menus for large booking available HERE


Take away or Delivery

12pm – 11.15pm

1pm – 3.20pm / 7.30pm – 11.15pm

Served 9.3am-4pm

Toasted bread with tomato & basil 2.5€
Tomato and cheddar cheese 3€
Tomato and Serrano ham 4€
Tomato and Manchego cheese 3.5€
Tomato, Serrano and Manchego cheese 4.5€
Tomato, blue cheese and walnuts 3.5€
Pesto, goast cheese and sun dried tomato 4€
Mushrooms and caramelised onions 3.5€
Organic peanut butter and banana 3.5€
On a 100% spelt bun (VG) add 1€

Home-made granola, oat milk and fresh fruits (VG) 5€

Overnight oats, chia seeds, fresh fruits, maple syrup, coconut rice milk, rolled oats and pollen (VG) 6€

Acai bowl with homemade granola and fresh fruits (VG) 7.5€

Pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruits 6€

Smashed avocado on toasted 100% spelt bun with chilli (VG) 7€
with bacon 8.50€ add scrambled egg for 1.50€

Bacon and sausage roll 5€ ~ with a fried egg 6.50€

Homemade hash browns, poached eggs and spinach (V) (GF) 7.50€, add bacon for 1.50€

Full English: Sausage, mushroom, homemade hash brown, bacon, tomato, fried egg, beans, toast 9€

Vegetarian: Mushroom, homemade hash brown, tomato, spinach, fried egg, beans, (GF) toast (V) 8€

Extras ~ baked beans, toast, sausages, bacon, mushroom, tomato, eggs, homemade hash brown 1.5€ each

Light Bites
12pm – 11pm

Marinated olives (GF) 3€
Mixed breads, oil n butter 3€

Hand cut fat chips (GF) 3.75€
Hand cut thin fries (GF) 3.50€

Classic humus and roasted red pepper humus with mixed breads and crudities (V) 7€

Chickpea and broad bean falafels, tabbouleh, raita & pita bread (V) 8.5€

Homemade Chorizo scotch egg with wholegrain mustard mayo (GF) 6€

Salt and pepper squid with homemade chilli jam (GF)  8€

Jumbo ecological free range BBQ chicken wings, Chimichurri or spicy Thai style sauce (GF) 6.5€ / 10€

Slow cooked pork ribs with homemade BBQ or spicy BBQ sauce and coleslaw (GF)  7€ / 14€

Grilled Thai chicken strips, radish salad & a satay dip (GF)  7€

All our burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise
Our beef burger patties are gluten free

CLASSIC  Our straight up beef patty  8.5€
Cheese Burger 9.25€   /  Cheese and Bacon 10€

CHIMICHURRI CHICKEN BURGER with Manchego cheese 9.75€

PIG & TING Pulled pork with gherkins 9.75€

THE TOURIST  Beef patty, blue cheese, crispy bacon and tomato relish 11€
50cents from each Tourist burger goes to a local charity. Please ask for more details

JUICY STEVE A cheese burger topped with pulled pork and spicy BBQ sauce 12.5€

SOMETHING FISHY Gluten free battered cod with rocket, basil and lime mayo 10€

SMOKEY JOE Beef burger with Chiplote mayo, Manchego and guacamole 12€

JUMBO SLIDERS Mini cheese burger, mini pulled pork burger & mini chicken burger  17.5€

THE BIG BURGER  Double beef, cheese, bacon, caramelised onion and bacon jam 14.5€

MARLEY Cauliflower, lentils, kidney bean, seeds, and curry paste patty with mango salsa (V)  9.75€

LUNA  Baked sweet potato, quinoa, thyme and sweet paprika patty and smashed avocado (V) 9.75€

STACKED Roasted portobello mushroom, garlic, parsley, grilled courgette & aubergine with goats cheese stack (V) 9.5€

BEYOND Plant based vegan burger with vegan mayo, vegan cheese and a 100% Spelt bun 12€

VEGETARIAN SLIDERS Mini Marley, Luna and Falafel burger (V)  17€

Make it Vegan with an avocado bun! 2€ extra or have 100% spelt toasted bread

Goats Cheese / Blue Cheese / Manchego Cheese
Bacon / Avocado / Bacon Jam 2€ each

Fried Egg / Caramelised onion / Mango Salsa / Cheddar 1.5€ each

Extra burger patty 4€ – Meat or vegetarian

Coleslaw 3.5€
Hand cut thin fries 3.75€
Hand cut fat chips 3.75€
Side salad 3.50€

SAUCES : BBQ, Chimichurri, Spicy BBQ Mustard mayo, Spicy Thai 1€ each

Add local corn fed chicken breast to any salad for 4€ extra.

All salads are gluten free

K’s Bowl Mixed quinoa, grilled aubergine, spinach, grated raddish and onion, marinated shaved carrotts & courgette, avocado, mixed seeds and a Tahini Tamari dressing (VG) 10€

Greek Summer Local watermelon, vegan feta, rocket, spinach, tomaot, onion, crushed walnuts and a mango dressing (VG) 10€

FAR EAST Kohlrabi, grated carrot, papaya, shredded red cabbage, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, spring onion, coriander, lettuce, cashew nuts and a spicy chilli dressing (V) 12€

For the Kids 5.5€ each
Cheeseburger & fries
Chicken Wings & fries (GF)
Ribs & fries (GF)
Chicken goujons & fries (GF)
Marley Burger & Fries (V)

Desserts – all homemade
Blueberry cheesecake 6.5€
Crumble of the day with custard (GF) 6.5€
Chocolate Mousse (V) (GF) 6€
Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream (GF) 6.5€
Pecan pie with ice cream (GF) 5.5€
Chocolate fudge cake with ice cream 6€

Project Social
22 Calle de Lorenzo
Santa Eulalia del Rio
07840 ~ Ibiza

+34 871 110 893

Opening Times :
9.30am – 12am Monday – Friday
10am – 12am Saturday & Sunday
Food Served 9.30am – 11.30pm
Breakfast 9.30am – 4pm

Open all year round