9.30am – 11pm
Monday – Friday
Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast 9.30am-4pm daily.
Sunday roasts from 1pm

11€ lunch special menu
dish and a drink
Monday to Friday 12-4pm

Gluten Free, local and organic as possible.

Set menus for large booking available HERE


Take away or Delivery

12pm – 10.45pm

1pm – 3.20pm / 7.30pm – 10.45pm

Served 9.3am-4pm

Toasted bread with tomato & basil 2.5€
Tomato and cheddar cheese 3€
Tomato and Serrano ham 4€
Tomato and Manchego cheese 3.5€
Tomato, Serrano and Manchego cheese 4.5€
Tomato, blue cheese and walnuts 3.5€
Pesto, goast cheese and sun dried tomato 4€
Mushrooms and caramelised onions 3.5€
Organic peanut butter and banana 3.5€
On a 100% spelt bun (VG) add 1€

Home-made granola, oat milk and fresh fruits (VG) 5€

Overnight oats, chia seeds, fresh fruits, maple syrup, coconut rice milk, rolled oats and pollen (VG) 6€

Hot porridge, cinnamon, honey, coconut rice milk, chia seeds and berries (VG) 6€

Smashed avocado on toasted 100% spelt bun with chilli (VG) 7€
with bacon 8.50€ add scrambled egg for 1.50€

Bacon and sausage roll 5€ ~ with a fried egg 6.50€

Homemade hash browns, poached eggs and spinach (V) (GF) 7.50€, add bacon for 1.50€

Full English: Sausage, mushroom, homemade hash brown, bacon, tomato, fried egg, beans, toast 9€

Vegetarian: Mushroom, homemade hash brown, tomato, spinach, fried egg, beans, (GF) toast (V) 8€

Extras ~ baked beans, toast, sausages, bacon, mushroom, tomato, eggs, homemade hash brown 1.5€ each

Light Bites
12pm – 11pm

Marinated olives (GF) 3€
Mixed breads, oil n butter 3€

Hand cut fat chips (GF) 3.75€
Hand cut thin fries (GF) 3.50€

Classic humus and roasted red pepper humus with mixed breads and crudities (V) 7€

Chickpea and broad bean falafels, tabbouleh, raita & pita bread (V) 8.5€

Homemade Chorizo scotch egg with wholegrain mustard mayo (GF) 6€

Salt and pepper squid with homemade chilli jam (GF)  8€

Jumbo ecological free range BBQ chicken wings, Chimichurri or spicy Thai style sauce (GF) 6.5€ / 10€

Slow cooked pork ribs with homemade BBQ or spicy BBQ sauce and coleslaw (GF)  7€ / 14€

Grilled Thai chicken strips, radish salad & a satay dip (GF)  7€

FRIDAYS – Cod, fat chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce 10€


All our burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise
Our beef burger patties are gluten free

CLASSIC  Our straight up beef patty  8.25€
Cheese Burger 9€   /  Cheese and Bacon 9.75€

CHIMICHURRI CHICKEN BURGER with Manchego cheese 9.75€

PIG & TING Pulled pork with gherkins 9.75€

THE TOURIST  Beef patty, blue cheese, crispy bacon and tomato relish 10.75€
50cents from each Tourist burger goes to a local charity. Please ask for more details

JUICY STEVE A cheese burger topped with pulled pork and spicy BBQ sauce 12€

SOMETHING FISHY Gluten free battered cod with rocket, basil and lime mayo 11€

BURGER OF THE WEEK Changes every Monday, please ask for this weeks special ?€

JUMBO SLIDERS Mini cheese burger, mini pulled pork burger & mini chicken burger  17.5€

THE BIG BURGER  Double beef, cheese, bacon, caramelised onion and bacon jam 14.5€

MARLEY Cauliflower, lentils, kidney bean, seeds, and curry paste patty with mango salsa (V)  9.5€

LUNA  Baked sweet potato, quinoa, thyme and sweet paprika patty and smashed avocado (V) 9.5€

STACKED Roasted portobello mushroom, garlic, parsley, grilled courgette & aubergine with goats cheese stack (V) 9.5€

VEGETARIAN SLIDERS Mini Marley, Luna and Falafel burger (V)  17€

Make it Vegan with an avocado bun! 2€ extra or have 100% spelt toasted bread

Goats Cheese / Blue Cheese / Manchego Cheese
Bacon / Avocado / Bacon Jam 2€ each

Fried Egg / Caramelised onion / Mango Salsa / Cheddar 1.5€ each

Extra burger patty 4€ – Meat or vegetarian

Coleslaw 3€
Hand cut thin fries 3.50€
Hand cut fat chips
Side salad 3.50€

SAUCES : BBQ, Chimichurri, Spicy BBQ Mustard mayo, Spicy Thai 1€ each

Add local corn fed chicken breast to any salad for 4€ extra.

All salads are gluten free

A warm salad of buckwheat, grilled green asparagus, pine nuts, spinach and green beans with a light lemon dressing (VG) (GF) 10€

Cold salad of white quinoa, pomegranate, spring onion, celery, apple, mixed seeds and basil with vegan feta and an orange dressing (VG) (GF) 10€

For the Kids 5.5€ each
Cheeseburger & fries
Chicken Wings & fries (GF)
Ribs & fries (GF)
Chicken goujons & fries (GF)
Bean Burger & Fries (V)

Desserts – all homemade
Blueberry cheesecake 6.5€
Crumble of the day with custard (GF) 6.5€
Chocolate Mousse (V) (GF) 6€
Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream (GF) 6.5€

Served with roast potatoes, roasted beetroot, carrots, broccoli, kale, spiced red cabbage, celeriac puree, parsnip crisps, Yorkshire pudding and proper homemade beef or chicken gravy

Roasted lemon and thyme corn fed chicken supreme 15€
Beef sirloin with homemade horseradish cream 16€
Pork belly with homemade apple sauce 15€
Mixed roast : chicken, pork and beef 15.5€
Vegan roast with all the veggies, a Yorkshire pudding for the vegetarians, and anise gravy 14€

Bowl of vegetables or Bowl of roasted potatoes 3.5€
Extra Gravy 2€

Kids roast : half portion, half the price.


Project Social
22 Calle de Lorenzo
Santa Eulalia del Rio
07840 ~ Ibiza

+34 871 110 893

Opening Times :
9.30am – 12am Monday – Friday
12pm – 12am Saturday & Sunday
Food Served 12pm – 11pm
Breakfast 12pm – 4pm

Open all year round